Sunday, 4 September 2011

New Mod Simplicsteel

My New Mod

3 pages gadget with htc clock and other
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this mod has been made by subash...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

How to avoid bricking of Phone

There are 3 main causes for bricking and security fail!
The number one issue is not preparing the computer for the flash (removing start up programs, running programs in the back ground during the flash etc...
Number two is not removing sim lock (makes no sens but I have seen this hundreds of times).

Number three not selecting the proper files to flash with. Forgetting to select "amss" in the multiloader will cause the "security fail". Some times you can reflash only the files from the firmware pack and correct this, but most of the time you will need to have it flashed with a service box.

Also many people make one very big mistake when you are downloading different firmwares and trying them out, or you flashed your phone before and just noticed a newer version is available. Most people do not delete the old firmware from there computer. When you download new firmware, unpack it, then run the multiloader you must point the multiloader at the correct directory. When you start to select the files to flash with, it will open the last firmware folder you used, for boot files and again for the others. That is 2 times you risk of selecting files from other firmware that is sitting on your computer. This will not brick the phone every time but can result in a poor results.

Monday, 11 July 2011



You can easily flash your phone to qwerty mode... just follow the steps as given for XEJE1 firmware!!! in my older posts...

• S5620 (MONTE) HTC HERO!!! firmware MOD!

I just ran into the following information about a guy making a mod for the Monte. It looks pretty cool:

What we need:
-The firmware : S5620 XEJE1
-The mod : Monte-Hero v1.6 [EN] orMonteHero v1.7 [EN]
-MultiLoader: Multiloader v5.62

First we will unpack the firmware and mod
(For those who have nothing to unpack here is a software for that IZArc)
Then I advise you to use to save your calendar, contacts and sms with Kies. At any case, you must install the drivers for Samsung Kies.


Launch Multiloader and complete exactly like this (with XEJE1) 

check: "full download"

Then remove the SD card and SIM from your phone, turn it off and then boot to Download mode (prevent a possible flash problem) by pressing Volume Down + Camera + Power On/Off. Then connect it to your PC and let him 2 minutes to fully recognize your S5620 and it should appear in the bottom of Multiload. Next, click on Port Search in Multiloader, it should write Monte - Ready! If it don't, try to click again Port Search and unplug and plug your phone . Lastly, click on Download and wait until the flash end.

Loading the MOD
Once you flashed S5620, launch the Multiloader which is located in "patches" in the mod's folder.
Then do this:

Be careful to choose the files that come with your firmware in the patches' folder.
Plug your phone in Download mode, then Port Search and Download.

Here is a patched phone =) !
Finally, Copy the Res folder in your phone's memory. Res2 is optional and does nothing if you don't want to put Java games on the SD card
reboot and here is a nice android mod =) I'll let you watch the video and try it a little in order to learn how to use it


STEP 2: For those who are angry to always have to change back the wallpaper and widgets every time you turn on the phone, you can choose the default set at the phone's start

To do this you have to go to Monte-Hero v1.X for S5620 full patched \ Res \ Flash, Copy Flash folder on your computer to keep the original and for another thing we'll see later
Then in the copy , HTCHeroconfig.xml, right click, edit.
Do not be afraid of all these numbers! =)
So the first part is called Launcher Theme settings, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING !
Below, is a description of every step.
Make a copy of a blank line like it :

then copy it and replace a rows that contains shortcuts that you do not need.
For instance : I do not want the icon Muziker so I replace this line:

by this one:

Repeat it for all that you do not want.
To add something, take one of the upper lines in Launcher and put it in a new location. But CAUTION ! It's Copy and not Cut!
You can view the result by opening the gadget in the copy of your Res with your WebBrowser. =)

For the wallpaper just rename the one you want to see in the background as 1 and delete or rename the old one


Hope you guys enjoy it. And if you have a MONTE and decide to try out this mod please let us know your experience with it here!