Monday, 11 July 2011

• S5620 (MONTE) HTC HERO!!! firmware MOD!

I just ran into the following information about a guy making a mod for the Monte. It looks pretty cool:

What we need:
-The firmware : S5620 XEJE1
-The mod : Monte-Hero v1.6 [EN] orMonteHero v1.7 [EN]
-MultiLoader: Multiloader v5.62

First we will unpack the firmware and mod
(For those who have nothing to unpack here is a software for that IZArc)
Then I advise you to use to save your calendar, contacts and sms with Kies. At any case, you must install the drivers for Samsung Kies.


Launch Multiloader and complete exactly like this (with XEJE1) 

check: "full download"

Then remove the SD card and SIM from your phone, turn it off and then boot to Download mode (prevent a possible flash problem) by pressing Volume Down + Camera + Power On/Off. Then connect it to your PC and let him 2 minutes to fully recognize your S5620 and it should appear in the bottom of Multiload. Next, click on Port Search in Multiloader, it should write Monte - Ready! If it don't, try to click again Port Search and unplug and plug your phone . Lastly, click on Download and wait until the flash end.

Loading the MOD
Once you flashed S5620, launch the Multiloader which is located in "patches" in the mod's folder.
Then do this: