Monday, 11 July 2011

[TUTORIAL] Patching

I was looking for the Easy 5 steps to make a phone better in inner looks coz i dunn feel that the Samsung ppl gives us good Graphics


Heres a way to patch and make our phone better (I knw i have already posted it) but some people just think that its a query ... so heres the way

Step 1... Flash ur phone with firmware XEJE1 or MFJF1
[tutorial for flashing]

Step 2 ... Download the patches - u can get it here

Step 3 ... Make a new folder in phone memory named RES then in RES folder make 2 folders ... FONT and FLASH ... Copy and past all the swf files in FLASH folder and Copy two fonts of ur choice but rename those to - Cool50_Dial.ttf and CoolM_EUCJK.ttf

Step 4 ... Apply the patched apps_patch.bin and rc2 in MULTILOADER V5.56 tick LSI6410

Step 5 ... Enjoy the patch

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  1. pls send to XEJE1 file and RES file
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